Cooperation with BRM

Cooperation is something that we value highly here at BRM. We are proud of our product and will demonstrate our laser cutting machines with great enthusiasm to anyone who is interested. When this enthusiasm is shared by another party who sees what BRM’s possibilities are, then we are pleased to discuss a potential partnership with them. This could be in the capacity of distributor or vendor of our BRM laser machines, but also as a supplier of a complementary product. As indicated, enthusiasm is a crucial factor for us and when that gets turned into a concrete campaign plan, which is in keeping with our expectations, a successful and enjoyable cooperation is a logical outcome.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas if you are interested in strengthening the ‘BRM Team’.

Resellers in The Netherlands:


Contact: Ton Vroon

Demonstration center & sales outlet Tholen, North-Brabant/Zeeland for The Netherlands and Belgium.

Education market specialist.

WIA Educational

Contact: Ger v/d Helm

Education supplier of technical applications such as our BRM laser machines.

Turtle Creations

Demonstration center & sales outlet for The Netherlands

Roden – Assen

Resellers in Europe:

Gravina e.U.

Contact: Sabrina Sagmeister

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Deutschlandsberg, Austria.

Has exclusive sales rights for the Austrian market.

Magco Plastics & Supplies

Contact: David Magliozzi

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Dublin, Ireland

Sales representative for the Irish market.

ZapaDel Ltd

Contact: Panagiotis Kritikos

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Alimos, Greece.

Sales representative for the Greek market.

Laser Sp.J.

Contact: Marek Sikora

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Częstochowa, Polska.

Sales representative for the Polish market.

Fablab Factory

Contact: Stijn de Mil

Fablab Factory helps schools, organizations and businesses to set up a fablab, maker space of STEAM-class.

Sales representative for the European market.

UAB "Heliopolis"

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Vilnius, Lithuania.

Sales representative for Lithuania.

Print pack SIA

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Riga, Latvia.

Sales representative for Latvia.

Igepa Libra Vitalis As

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Tallinn, Estonia.

Sales representative for Estonia.

Demonstration centre & sales outlet Bucharest, Romania

Sales representative for Romania.


Contact: Humberto Pereira de Brito

Distributor in Portugal & Spain.

Sales representative for Portugal & Spain.


Contact: Petr Tuma

Demonstration centre & sales outlet in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Sales representative for Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

CNC Sweden

Contact: Patrik Kivistö

Demonstration centre & sales outlet in Sweden.

Sales representative for Sweden.